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Unique and impressive shows for events!
Unique and impressive Artists for corporate events and company parties!

The original!
The gala show "soap bubble rain" delivers a brilliant performance with beguiling pieces of art made of soap bubbles.

We are the soap bubble- and world champion team Iryna & Alexander.
We offer you this exclusive and original event show which will lend a cheerful atmosphere for your celebration!
The "soap bubble rain" is a party for your eyes and a special highlight for every celebration.
Professional soap bubble artists invented this unusual show of the top class specially for your event!

Get your guests a flawless entertainment and dive yourselves into a fantastic event show.
Experience how our world class soap bubble artists create impressive pieces of art made of soap bubbles.

Watch the fantastic show "soap bubble rain" performed by the professional event artists Iryna Chaplin and Alexander.
They will surprise your guests in your special event with many impressive tricks.

During a fascinating event show for unusual business events
the world champion's team Iryna & Alexander
will lend a special aura to your party!
A unique feeling will make your event unforgettably. There is no doubt about it!
Our soap bubble gala dress show "soap bubble rain" is an absolutele highlight-show insert for breathtaking
and unique business celebrations!
The best gala show in the world with champion's artists!

Convince yourself and watch how Iryna & Alex
create soap bubbles with a diameter from up to 150 cm right before your eyes!
The next moment you'll see our event artists will make a magnificent soap bubble rainbows of many metres!
Then before eager audience our artistes will present the most beautiful soap bubble of the world.

In this Iryna and Alexander hold because the official world record!

Let yourself be overwhelmed by our soap bubble artists with some really astonishing tricks made of sparkling lather.
Right before your eyes they will let arise soap bubbles in the most different forms and dimensions.
Iryna & Alexander will fill soap bubbles with haze, perform climbing up bubbles and giant-soap bubbles.
Our soap bubble artists will also Juggle with luminous soap bubble balls. Using astonishing magic we let a table float right above your head!

Try to Imagine just a glimpse of our fantastic show :
On a glass table the world champion soap bubble artist Alexander will decorate
a fluorescent palace from soap bubbles - with many hemispheres which he fills with haze - an impressively delightful picture!
In the next moment our unusual soap bubble artist will present a soap bubble volcano with smoke breaking out ofit.

In addition he will form even a soap bubble pyramid! With his bare hands Alexander forms big soap bubbles (approx. 35 cm of diameter!).
He will blow small soap bubbles into a big soap bubble.
Soap bubbles will be divide and connected again with each other in a fascinating manner.
You Definitely want to experience how our soap bubble artist and world champion Alexander takes pulls his hand into a big soap bubble
and takes out a sweet smaller soap bubble.
After that Alexander will let it float straight to your heart.
This is a sight you do not want to miss!

Iryna will dance gracefully with her lovely fan in the soap bubbles.
The soap bubbles will dance again ethereally around Iryna. The lovely fan will play with the soap bubbles
and whirl them up in the air and originate more new soap bubbles.
This is a very charming ShowAct and watching it is a great pleasure!

However, these special examples are not the end of our ShowAct palette.
We ask you for understanding that we offer only one short summary of the tricks to you, so that you can make
a first picture of the show to. It is not easy to describe the show "soap bubble rain" with words.
The love to the detail and professional art with soap bubbles complete the experience for you and your guests.

We would like to leave place
for the surprise and the pleasure in your heart.

We guarantee:
Our world champions and soap bubble artists present event shows of high quality!

Book us for your gala event.
Call us to your business event.
We will also appear as a Showact on a fair show or in New Year's Eve.
You will score with gifted artists at all your of special events!
Our artistes will be pleased to become your show insert on a Christmas celebration.
Our artists will help you to make your event a unique experience. Trust us!

Our artists are

The professional and imaginative artist's team Iryna & Alexander.
We as professional artists provide for a buoyant mood on your business celebration,
your fair event or your fair party and other events.
We guarantee this through our top professional training and top distinctions.
We prove our professionalism in each of our appearances anew.
Our experience and passion attained our Show artists in the college for circus
and stage and in the national university for culture and art in Kiev.
Iryna has a conclusion as an acrobat's juggler and Alexander is a director for circus and stage images.
Their OFFICIAL WORLD RECORDS are even more impressively: Iryna & Alexander
is the team with the "Longest Rainbow-Shaped Soap Bubble worldwide.
Moreover, Iryna Chaplin made the WORLD RECORD in the JONGLAGE!

For that reason our show is

Simply phenomenally!
Every appearance of the professional artist's team around Iryna Chaplin is thought through carefully
and exported brilliantly. The shows are as unique as our results.
The direction, the costumes and the music - everything is tuned perfectly to each other.

Not to forget the tricks with the soap bubbles.
Many of them are unique specimens and there will be only in our show for your event!

The length of our soap bubbles reaches up to 14 metres and it can be puffed to 120 small bubbles.
These are the highest results which could be reached up to now only by our world champion's team Iryna & Alexander.
As you see, our soap bubble artistes work on the world class Level!

We also work with five self-produced lotions for lather.
The inimitability and the quality of our lotions has been originated through the experience of our work.
Every lotion has its qualities and advantages.
For every show are used up up to 50 litres of our special lotion for lather!
Does this number give you an approximate image of the intensity of our tricks?
Who else could offer something more loveable than our incredible feats?

Moreover, we are used to leave the stage in the same elegant way as we enter it.
On account of our unique equipment the preparation of the show just as the clearing of the stage
never takes more than seven to eight minutes.

Although you see bursting thousands of soap bubbles, the stage will remain clean and dry.

Your choice

Will be always a good one with us!
Whenever we perform on an exhibition, a New Year's Eve celebration or a Christmas celebration,
a business celebration or a carnival the varied tricks with soap bubbles always submit harmoniously
to the subject and the action of our show insert.
A perfect priming coat for the mood of your celebration is always guaranteed!
You'll be surprised in what an entertaining way you can celebrate your business event!

The End of your search is near

Don't look for a professional any longer.
A very special event show for your special celebration
or a unique party is right here!
Feel free to contact right away and enjoy the show!

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